interior design

HouseWING by AnLstudio

HouseWING is located in Seoul, designed by South Korean design firm AnLstudio. The house is located in a typical 45 years old Korean residental unit. It was renoveted and designed for an artist as a home-working space.

“Inspiration in both the name of apartment, Nakwon – meaning ‘utopia’ – and the client’s attitude for life, led to the design of the distinguishing purely white feature shaped like a wing of an aeroplane. The aim for the wing is to differentiate between two rival life patterns in a confined space. The target is to maximise the spatial perception by wrapping it with unique lighting embedded in the ceilings and walls of working area.”

Architect: AnLstudio
Team: Keehyun Ahn, Minsoo Lee, and Yongseok Kwon
Location: Jongro, Seoul
Area: 69sqm
Status: Completed 2012 August

via: dezeen

Photographs by Sunghwan Yoon and Heebon Koo.


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