graphic design / typography

4 nice wedding invitation design

1. Fer & Nora by La caja de tipos
“What Fer and Nora wanted for their wedding was to be a big party where all guests, from first to last, have fun and a good time with them. They wanted everyone to participate from the outset to make that day unforgettable.”



2. Chema & Marga by La caja de tipos
“The idea of this project was to do something different using an item which refers to the wedding.”



3. Anh + Joe by Mike Kasperski
“My sister-in-law requested a wedding invite that was “not frilly and gross” and I took it from there. 4 postcards (3 for the invite and 1 for the thank you card), a modern colour palette, clean typography and a playful die cut did the trick.”


4. Jillian & Ross by Brian Marchand.
“An invitation package for my cousin’s wedding. The idea was to make something that was ‘different’ from traditional wedding invitations. Typographic was the answer. Simple layout, great type selection, and letterpress combine to make my cousin really, really happy!”

via: behance, underconsideration


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