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Ted Baker branding by Alice Vine and Stephanie Oglesby

Ted Baker branding design by Alice Vine and Stephanie Oglesby.

“The Brief given by YCN was to create packaging and promotional material through in and out of store touch points for a new watch range. As Ted Baker being a humorous irreverently British brand our concept was ‘Time for Tea at Ted’s’ looking at the British Fish and Chip shop.

We created our ‘The Ted Times’ Newspage informed by articles on the Ted Baker Blog, this could be updated every week with new information of products and store news. This newspaper was then used on the bag and on the packaging for the watches, the watch would come wrapped up to appear like fish and chips, when opened the reverse shows a typically cafe tablecloth and the watch on a fish cushion protected by foam chips. 

We used a chip fork with the Ted Baker logo screen printed on to continue the theme throughout the tag for the watch.

Also continuing the design throughout POS and store graphics such as the window art and created an event for the opening of the watches where chips could be given away in the newspaper cone. Also displaying a cafe sign outside the store so it appeared like a fish and chip shop.

This was a collaboration between myself and Alice Vine and illustrator on my course.”

via: behance




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