architecture / interior design

FLAG House Extension by Propeller Z

Extension of an old farmhouse in a rural village some 60 km north of Vienna, Austria by propeller z.

Apart from doubling the 60sqm of living space available in the existing building, the new addition remedies this fault by establishing a strong and direct connection to the beautiful view of the gently sloping site.

The only alteration to the existing building was the removal of the roof’s southwest corner; the new volume slides into the resulting void and thus establishes contact with the existing structure without touching it.

The prefabricated wood panels of the new structure are aligned to form a shell that is almost completely closed to the west and north, but opens up completely to the south. The terrace on the eastern corner serves as a connecting platform, with a metal stair leading down towards the old building. While the two sides of the building rest on the slope, one corner is propped up on a single v-shaped steel column, creating a sheltered outdoor space.”

via: design-milk



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