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Youth Center by Atelier Deshaus

Youth Center in Quingpu, Shanghai by local firm atelier deshaus.

“Youth Center of Qingpu is located in the new town on the east side of the old city. By contrast to the old city, the traditional small-scale spatial system in Jiangnan area is no longer existed in the public space of the new town. Whole theme is based on the large-scale urban environment: on the premise of considering the adjacent building scale, we are aiming to explore the possibility of the humanized small-scale public spatial sequence in order to reconstruct the memory of traditional Jiangnan townscape scale. According to the requirement of Youth Center, we decided to divide the whole program into a serial of small individual functional spaces, and then utilize them by various types of open spaces such as courtyard, plaza and lane. Normally, the traditional Buildings in Jiangnan area, the exterior and interior space are equally treated. In this project, we would like to maintain the tradition. In the Youth Center of Qingpu, regardless of the rooftop, the inner and outer space are interweaving in complete harmony, in turns, these interesting human-scale spaces are well corresponding to the characteristics of teenagers and fulfill their activities requirement. The kids’ adventure was encouraged in these small-scale interweaved space. We hope them experiencing what they might achieve in a small town, such as numerous possibilities of destination, wandering and meeting with unexpected. In the other word, we create a place of social interaction and human care for the teenagers. A building could also become a small city.”

via: deshaus
image © yao li



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