Utopia Utopie Typeface by RM&CO

Typeface ‘Utopia’ ‘Utopie’ designed as part of an overall graphic system and identity for Eventi Letterari — a festival of Literary Events in Monte Verità (literally Hill of Truth).
The festival is located in the Swiss canton of Ticino, which has served as the site of many different ‘utopian’ and cultural events and communities since the beginning of the twentieth century. This was when an alternative, vegetarian colony was founded on the site, and the mythical golden age of Monte Verità began. Artists, anarchists, philosophers and thinkers settled there and share ideas.
This year the title of the edition is “Utopias and Magnificent Obsessions”. The idea for the graphic system and typeface has been taken from ‘Utopia’ as a keyword, turning it into a visual representation. Since it is a literature festival, we thought the best solution was to create an alphabet based on the ‘utopian’ concept. That’s how the typeface ‘Utopia’ ‘Utopie’ has been conceived: a typeface inspired by illusionistic ideals, where every letter is a formal paradox — a form which cannot exist.
via: behance

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