Paintings by Pablo Palazuelo

Paintings by the famous Spanish painter Pablo Palazuelo.

Between 1933 and 1936, the Spanish painter Pablo Palazuelo studied architecture (Oxford) and art at the Ecole des Arts et Metiers in London. He began painting in 1940. With a scholarship he received from the french Institute of Madrid, he went studying in Paris. There he became friend with Chillida, he met Bernard Dorival, the curator of the Museum of Modern Art and he worked until 1963 before his come back in Spain (Madrid). 

He took part in many collectives exhibitions in France and abroad. Palazuelo worked closely with the Galerie Maeght which organized many solo exhibitions in France and abroad (Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, Saint Paul de Vence). He gained prestigious awards as the Kandinsky’s prize (1952) or Carnegie (1958), the gold medal of Bellas Artes (1982). 

Palazuelo began sculpting in the early 50’s, and he devoted more time to it in the 60’s and 80’s.

Although he painted in a neo-cubist manner, the year 1946 marked his transition to abstraction. His first achievements were based on the observation of natural structures, snow crystals, living cells – he looked into the microscope -, atoms. At first his art used geometric forms then used more sinuous lines, but his art always kept the austere temperament that characterized it. Will follow the stones and the waves subjects for which Palazuelo used his colors scale composed mainly of ochre, raw Siena and red.

via: mchampetier



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